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The Fabrication Shop

Disclaimer: We are trying to make some money to pay for the cost of race gear and the entry fee for the Baja 1000. Some of these products offer discounts when using our promo codes. Other links will take you to an Amazon affiliate page. If you buy anything using these links, we will get a small percentage of the sale. The cost to you will be the same (or less), but every little bit helps towards our goal.

We do not endorse products we do not use ourselves! 

The Essentials:
Langmire CrossFire Pro/XR Plasma Cutting Table

We have owned the CrossFire Pro plasma cutting table for more than a year now, and use it daily.  It is an amazing machine and unbeatable value. We liked it so much, we're upgrading to the CrossFire XR to build our budget Trophy truck...Stay tuned!

The Essentials:
Newair Portable Electric Camping Cooler

The all new electric cooler from Newair is a perfect addition to our Baja Overland Build (B.O.B.) M1102 trailer. The NTD Racing team builds race trucks and chase vehicles for the mighty Baja 1000. This race takes our support teams deep into the Mexican desert, but this game changing cooler by Newair ensures the Team will have fresh food and cold drinks for days.

This is easily the best cooler we have ever owned. 

The Essentials:
3D Printer

We consider the Creality Ender 3 to be the best budget 3D printer you can build and use in your own shop. Assembling the Ender 3 is quick and easy...just follow the steps in the video above. After it is built, just remember a few simple steps, and you will have successful print after print while rapidly creating things that you need for your projects. We use this 3D printer daily while we build our Jeep J10 off road Race Truck HONCHO for the Baja 1000.

Tools We Use With the 3D Printer:


Glue Sticks


Glass Cutter



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